SoDo Arena Plan Moves Forward with Memorandum of Understanding

I just feel great about being able to bring news of a new basketball team coming to the area is getting closer to reality every day. The latest arena meeting I went to was the MOU (Memo of Understanding) it sounds very Seattle in its name, but it’s really a comprehensive deal between the county, city and the investors lead by Chris Hansen.

The back of the one and only Sonics Guy, who has the most famous back to hit the Seattle Times since Randy Johnson.

When I arrived at the meeting there was a buzz of anticipation in the air. Media cameras waited to capture something interesting luckily myself and two other members of Bring Back Our Sonics entered fully dressed in green and gold. The cameras  got their wish as they snapped numerous pictures of us Superfans. Their were some seats available in the front row so we sat down waiting for the Seattle Big Three to come in  Dow Constantine, (King County Executive) Mike McGinn (Seattle Mayor) and Chris Hansen.

When they came in I almost had to sit on my hands to stop cheering too loudly. The first one to speak was Constantine. He complimented us on our outfits and thanked us as fans for stopping by.  He talked about how this was a great deal for the county. He then introduced the mayor who proceeded to mention how this deal will bring NBA and NHL back to the Emerald City. One of the interesting things he said was whenever he talks to kids the first question they always ask is “When will get the Sonics back?”

After the Mayor, the Man of the Hour took to the podium. I felt like he was really connecting on all the good points he was bringing up I also felt like he was just talking to me (probably because I was in the front row center). He was matter of factly went over the deal with coolness and composure. The three then fielded questions from various news organizations.

The key points to remember are:

1.) Once we have secured an NBA team construction on the arena can begin.

2.) The only taxes taken will come from the project itself, the taxes will only be from the revenue generated from the arena.

NO outside taxes.  It’s not every day this type of deal comes our way it’s now time for King County Council and the Seattle City Council to both vote to approve this and move this plan forward.

Of course I want a media packet, I write for two blogs, this one and