Winslow Addition Gives Seattle Dual-Headed Attack at TE

Seattle adding veteran tight end Kellen Winslow, to join Zach Miller,  gives them versatility at the position for maybe the first time since the tandem of Itula Mili and Carlester Crumpler in 1998.

The Seahawks now have two pro-bowl tight ends, in an offense that craves athleticism and good hands at the position.  Darell Bevell’s offense focuses a lot on the quarterback rolling out of the pocket, and using the tight end quickly in front of the formation, or as a deeper option through the next level of the defense.  Seattle runs a variety of the West Coast offense, which, using quick timing routes, has always featured a good tight end. Much of former head coach Mike Holmgren’s tenure in Seattle was spent looking for the next great tight end. Now, it seems, Seattle has found two.

With much of Miller’s time last year being used in protection, and with the Seahawks offensive line health still having a big question mark, Winslow will give Seattle another set of steady hands attached to a 6’4″ 240-lb frame.  In 2007, Winslow’s most productive career, he racked up 1,106 yards receiving, and scored five touchdowns. Last year, he accounted for 763 of Tampa Bay’s yards, adding a pair of touchdowns.

With Seattle only giving up a conditional pick in 2013 for this trade, it seems at least at first blush, that this could turn out to be a tremendous value for the Seahawks.

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