Hair of the Dog: Links From the Week, Volume 1

For quite a while, I’ve been contemplating a link article that would come out once a week. Believe it or not, they take a whole bunch of time even though I’m not actually doing any original analysis, and am instead looking at other people’s stuff and linking to it.

It’s called Hair of the Dog as an homage to my college radio days, when I did a morning show by the same name. This is the Urban Dictionary definition of the phrase:

An alcoholic beverage consumed as a hangover remedy. The phrase comes from the expression “hair of the dog that bit you”, meaning that the best cure for what ails you is to have some more of it. In ancient times it was literally used to say that if a dog were to bite you, putting the dog’s hair into the wound would heal it. “Like cures like”. This hangover remedy is not recommended because a) it leads to a bad habit of drinking during the day and b)it doesn’t really work very well. Still, this method works about as well as most other hangover remedies.

So basically, this will be an article of links from the last week. Sometimes the links will be from longer ago than that, because sometimes I’m behind the times.

Alas, commence linkage:

Chone Figgins has been quite terrible since coming to Seattle. There’s no doubt about that. I mean sure, signing him made a ton of sense, he figured to equal Adrian Beltre’s defense and be marginally better at the plate, but it didn’t work out that way. At very beginning of the season though Figgins was playing well, and Northwest Kingdome created perhaps the most accurate video depicting Mariners fan emotion when Figgins does anything good, ever. (I’m watching it again as I put the links in this article and it is making me quite happy)

Similarly, over at USS Mariner Dave Cameron analyzed the immediate future of the Mariners roster, part of which included cutting Figgins. Dave also pointed out that teams that spent big in the offseason aren’t necessarily enjoying the fruits of their labor.

There have been reports that the Mariners were interested in trading Michael Pineda for Brett Lawrie, but the Toronto Blue Jays balked at the idea. While they certainly would have gotten the worse end of the deal in the wake of Pineda’s injuries, Lawrie did his part to even out what would have been a lopsided trade. I’ve been on record as saying that Lawrie is an enormous douchebag, the worst kind of douchebag. Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing took a look at how several Mariners hitters may react if they were given similarly bad calls. (Video of the incident can be found at the bottom of the Lookout Landing post also)

Megan Shear is a woman that writes the blog Section 331. A couple months ago I was interviewed for a piece on a website that has yet to launch about young sports bloggers. In that piece I was asked what three Seattle blogs I read religiously. In many ways that is an easy task in Seattle, which has a rich and deep blogosphere, but my dirty little secret in that department is that while I was able to rattle off USS Mariner and Lookout Landing without a pause, I think Megan’s blog may be the most entertaining of them all. Check it out, and subscribe to the RSS feed.

Over at Sportspress Northwest Art Thiel, formerly of the Seattle PI detailed the benefits and pitfalls of the new Seattle Area deal. Our own Kris “Sonics Guy” Brannon will have a post about the newest news coming out tomorrow, bet on it.

And because I know that not everyone has Twitter and that not everyone with a Twitter follows the Seahawks Mike Williams, I thought I should post this tweet he made right after the Seahawks drafted Bruce Irvin, who Williams apparently doesn’t find attractive:


  • Anonymous

    If that dog is a Rottweiler that could be a good thing.  (We have a couple, love them.)
    Marc Hulet did a prospect chat at FanGraphs in which he was really high on Hultzen and figures he’s better than Bauer.  They were scheduled to pitch against each other today but Bauer got moved up to AAA.  It would have been interesting to see how that went.