Cleveland Indians Trample Mariners and Spoil Felix Day

It’s rare, but even sometimes Felix day can suck.

Felix wasn’t sharp today, which kind of goes without saying. However, he gave up 13 baserunners today and got 14 outs. He threw 103 pitches in less than four innings. Felix missed nine bats, which is fine, but he hit a lot more solidly than he missed.

Ubaldo Jimenez sure looks like Barack Obama. I don’t know why I think that, but it is funny that an Obama look-alike plays for Obama’s favorite team’s (White Sox) division rival.

Dustin Ackley hit a homerun that came within inches of making a cameraman in right field a very sad man. Maybe not as sad as Stephen Strasburg was when he had to leave his game last night with a burning sensation in his groin area. I’ve done that before, and it is no fun. And having a protective cup on functions the same as a lid on a boiling pot. Take it from me, you don’t want to do that at any point, and you definitely don’t want to pitch that way. Wash your hands.

Ackley hasn’t been great this year, but nobody seems worried about his bat. I’d like to see him start driving balls more often like he did today, and walking like I expect him to, but for now I’ll settle for the 12 game hitting streak he’s on.

Today was Puppy-palooza in Cleveland which meant that the Mariners were playing in front of a largely canine audience. I’ve always wondered what goes on at the dog-themed days at ballparks. Where do the dogs poop and pee? These are questions that become more important when your team isn’t in a playoff chase. I would like to know the answer.

Hisashi Iwakuma walked Jose Lopez. In 2012, nobody but Hisashi Iwakuma has walked Jose Lopez. Lopez hasn’t played much this year but shit man, Hisashi! And Casey Kotchman seems to be on every team the Mariners play. I get that it is because he was on the Indians earlier in the year when the Mariners played the Indians, but it feels like he’s everywhere all the time. Casey Kotchman would be god if it weren’t for Chris Hansen and his 290 million commandments that have made him the god of Seattle. Did you hear? Nothing of anything more than symbolic importance happened today but celebrate! Sonics!

I am a tired bodied guy, and I’m getting out of here. I’ll be in bed before nine.

  • Smyl4me2

     Wouldn’t you know it, on a night when our offense “explodes”, our pitching lets us down!  LOL