Mariners Come Close to Beating Red Sox

The Mariners lost by only five runs.

So close.

As I watched the game, I ate a bunch of pot stickers. I felt sick. Then I realized that I always feel this way when watching games such as the one we just endured.

I guess correlation really doesn’t imply causation.

As for the game, Vargas threw well, all things considered. I mean, he is what he is; a lefty who relies on command and a good change-up to get hitters out. Foul weather and Fenway Park don’t help his cause. Every time I begin to think Jason Vargas can be really good, this sort of thing happens. I don’t know what to expect from Jason Vargas. I’m really not surprised he got hit somewhat hard today. Is that a bad expectation to have for a starting pitcher?

The Good

Jesus Montero threw out a runner. Yay.

Shawn Kelley looked sort-of ok.

Justin! Smoak continued his recent hot streak. You laugh, but he has raised his batting average more than 50 points in the last little while. We must remember to not judge his improvements over the next month or two based on his full season numbers; look at how he does over the last 30 games, last 7, etc.

The Bad

Everything not mentioned above.

The Miscellaneous

My dad just sent me a text. Apparently he is at the Cubs-Cards game. I turned it on, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

Then I saw Bryan LaHair.

I wonder how life as an M’s fan would be different if he had gotten a shot and ran with it in Seattle. Maybe life wouldn’t be different at all.

At least Kotchman has a filthy glove, right?


  • Anonymous

    Vargas and Beavan are 4 and 5s being passed off as 2 and 3s but only because our current 4 and 5 should be sent to Tacoma and/or retired/just cut loose.  Then replace them with Erasmo Ramirez and Andy Carraway and bring up Pryor to shore up the bullpen.  Will that make the team better?  Yes, it’s addition by subtraction.  Will that make them a .500 team?  Only in my dreams.