Yankees Invite Mariners Over, Are Rude Hosts

Oh the Yankees. How we hate you so. You’re so annoying. And you’re annoying Indiana or wherever-the-fuck born fans always fill our stadium spouting their lack of baseball knowledge. How’s Pineda working out? You signed Freddy Garcia when? You signed Raul Ibanez when? Is it 2003 right now?

Ahhh that’s mean. But if the Mariners lose this series I have a Twitter bet with a  Yankees fan that I will have to retweet something he says about how the Yankees are so great.

The Yankees beat Felix. I have lost my best shot at winning this bet. C’mon Hector Noesi and Hisashi Iwakuma.

Felix didn’t pitch great last night. He missed seven bats in 101 pitches. He allowed 11 hits in less than seven innings, and while he struck out seven and got seven groundball outs he still had his worst game since his second start of the season in Oakland. When Felix Hernandez came to Seattle he admired Freddy Garcia. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and with Garcia in the opposing bullpen Felix pitched like the contemporary version of The Chief.

Dustin Ackley hit a leadoff home run. Jesus Montero hit a homerun that wasn’t a leadoff homerun. They were both opposite field homeruns. Dustin Ackley and Jesus Montero are the two hitters that the Mariners are banking on to rebuild their offense. Today is a good day for those two guys.

Justin Smoak had three hits. Justin Smoak has become a lightning rod for controversy in Seattle. If he hits really well on this road trip I’m interested to hear what the local fans and media say about Smoak. I’m guessing they’ll turn his newfound success on him.

Let’s not get too crazy though. The Smoak hits were all singles.

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and I’m not going to dive too far in. The Mariners lost. Hector Noesi can be half of my savior.

  • Anonymous

    Jeeze losing a bet to a Yankee fan has got to hurt.  Sad.