Mariners Win Series Against Tigers as Jason Vargas is in Early-Season Form

Two hours and six minutes. I love you Jason Vargas. Jason Vargas had my employers in mind tonight as he allowed me to go to sleep basically an hour earlier than I have in the past several nights.

And John Jaso. Leadoff hitter John Jaso! Jaso should never be a leadoff hitter. That’s a bad tactical move on the part of Eric Wedge. However, he’s a good hitter and should be in the lineup. He’s earned the game winning RBI in two of the past three games, and the last two Mariner wins. John Jaso is a really good catcher. He’s not great defensively, but he’s well above average for the position offensively. Keep playing John Jaso.

How about that Vargas guy? He struck out six, walked none, gave up one extra base hit and five total hits across eight innings. He threw 90 pitches and missed 11 bats. Jason Vargas is pitching in early-season form. This is very good, but we’re right to be skeptical of Vargas. He was really good at the beginning of last year, so good that I wondered if he deserved an extension. He regressed a ton in the second half, which has been par for the course for Vargas to this point in his career. Enjoy it while it lasts.

And Vargas had great command tonight. So great that he was able to pull the string on three straight change ups to Delmon Young in the second inning for three straight swinging strikes. Then he threw four straight fastballs to the same location on the inside corner, only two were called for a strike (where you at Brian Knight!), but the at bat ended in a Ryan Raburn swinging strikeout.

Kyle Seager hit another double. He’s playing well this year. I don’t know if you’ve heard.

Eric Wedge’s bunting tendency has become a point of contention among Mariners fans who have a clue. He’s made awful decisions this season in terms of personnel and bunting. I’m not going to look up Tom Tango’s bunting run values right now, but I’m in favor of the Chone Figgins bunt to move Michael Saunders over in the eighth. Chone Figgins is a bad hitter. John Jaso is a much better hitter. Having Jaso at the plate with the game on the line is better than having say… Brendan Ryan.

The Mariners have won two straight series. They’re 5-1 against the Detroit Tigers. Things are good right now.

  • Anonymous

    So if Jaso and Montero turn out to be league average defensive catchers and continue to be above average offensively and then Zunino is the best athlete available when the M’s draft pick comes up we could end up cornering the catcher and pitcher markets, trading them off as battery sets, maybe offering some mix and match trades.  Z could be holding a really good trading hand next off-season.
    Bunt is a four letter word that should be censored for Wedgie.  As should the use of Figgins name on lineup cards.
    Vinnie Catricala and Forrest Snow are not doing very well at the AAA level, Liddi and Seagar seem to have 3B gift wrapped.  Go figure!  
    I fear I’m one of the few (Non-Marines Division) who would like to see Kawasaki get more time at SS. 
    Likewise think Vargas and Beavan are better than they are credited for.
    Pryor warning, he’s going to be good.
    Thank you for allowing me to waste your time and space.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, you can waste my time and space any time!

      I think that you better watch out for Francisco Martinez.