Men Named Matt Do a lot of Damage to Mariners, who Lose

Remember when the Mariners swept the Detroit Tigers, got 30 hits in two games, and beat the Blue Jays in the first game of their three-game series? That was a really fun time. It seems a impossible that it all started last Tuesday. As the Mariners coasted to their fourth straight loss, the games feel like they are lasting longer.

Matt Moore looks good. Well worth his extension. Sure he didn’t have his best stuff today, and gave up some hits, but he’s got three really effective pitches. Matt Joyce, who hit a two run triple in the first inning is alright too. I’m really interested in seeing how good Matt Joyce becomes because He was once involved in a trade rumor with the Mariners for J.J. Putz. He’d have gone to Tampa Bay anyways, but he’s still a guy I’ve kept my eye on since researching him then.

It’s tough to see the hometown nine go down like this. Hector Noesi, also known as my sleeper mancrush of the offseason pitched pretty poorly during an inning today. He gave up three runs in the first inning. He pitched alright after that, but you have to count the innings he pitches. He pitched the first inning, no matter how much we wish he didn’t. Depending on who the Mariners believe is their next starter in the hopper, it seems pretty likely that Noesi will end up in Tacoma at some point. I remain confident that his stuff will translate, but his control-first repertoire has been spotty at times, and he’s walked more hitters than I expected.

Jesus Montero can hit. He went 4-4 with a double, but one of his singles was hit so hard that it hit the outfield wall so quickly that he wasn’t able to take second base. Montero has hit .294/.303/.459. At this point, it’s hard to say he hasn’t been as-advertised. He hits the shit out of the ball sometimes. He should take more pitches. But he’s 22 years old and does a lot of very important things very well.

Michael Saunders has a five game hitting streak. Michael Saunders hit a homerun today. Michael Saunders hit his third home run off a lefty on the season. In his career he’s hit six homeruns off lefties. He’s got 14 at bats against lefties this year. In his career, prior to this season, he had 195 at bats against lefties. He’s hit as many home runs in 14 at bats this year against lefties as he did in the prior 195 of his career. That may mean he’s improved, it may mean that he’s not going to hit a homerun against a lefty for 181 more at bats, it may mean neither of those things. It’s good to see Saunders hitting, and especially for power.

Lucas Luetge still hasn’t given up an earned run. Sure he didn’t record an out today, but ERA IS SUCH AN AWESOME WAY TO JUDGE PITCHERS! He’s been really good so far this year, but remember Shigetoshi Hasegawa. Not the Hasegawa that has been turned into Cy Young by your mind remember him going a long time without giving up a run and falsely placing him on the 2001 Mariners. Not that Hasegawa. The real Hasegawa.

I have nothing left interesting to say about today’s game. I will have a post coming out in the morning about the Mariners Miguel Olivo roster dilemma. Read it.

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    So the Matts wiped the floor with the M’s?