Mariners Leave Blue Jays Feeling Very Good About Themselves

The Mariners came into today’s 10 AM PST game at .500. They left below .500, and with more ammunition toward the firing of Eric Wedge. Much of which has nothing to do with 7-2 loss, intrinsically at least.

Chone Figgins led the game off with a homerun. It was the fourth homerun of his Mariners career. The 35th homerun of his career. He’s not a homerun hitter, though he’s on pace for close to 20 this year! #LeftFieldSolved. Anyways though, Figgins has been mostly a leadoff hitter for his career, and it was his 9th homerun of his career that led off the game. That’s basically on schedule with what the average would be if Figgins was able to recreate his career homeruns 1000 times. This entire paragraph was about me telling you that Chone Figgins is hitting leadoff homeruns at the rate he should be. Sometimes information shouldn’t make it onto a game recap.

Jason Vargas didn’t pitch great, but he didn’t pitch terribly. He fell victim to the Edwin Encarnacion curse like Hisashi Iwakuma did. Encarnacion has power. He may even have improved as a hitter and now isn’t such a bad hitter that looks very good on occasion. He’ll do that.

Vargas didn’t have his best stuff. He walked three while striking out four, but threw 111 pitches and only 60 of them were strikes. He missed only three bats. Jason Vargas isn’t a great pitcher. He’s a No. 2 starter by attrition, not by talent. Whatever. He’s what is here not, and at some point this season I doubt he’ll be the second best hitter in the rotation. He’s probably August’s fourth starter.

Perhaps my favorite scene from this game was when Steve Delabar hit Edwin Encarnacion in the 8th inning. Encarnacion obviously thought it was on purpose. I have my doubts, but I kind of hope it was.

Wedge pulled Delabar, then Jose Bautista and Encarnacion double stole second and third. Wedge decided this was the time to intentionally walk the 13 career homeruns of Rajai Davis. The pinch-hitting Rajai Davis who is a glove first player. Eric Wedge is a genius.

Then Miguel Olivo hit a homerun in the 9th and everyone was waiting for Mike Blowers to quote Dumb and Dumber again “So you’re saying there’s a chance?” Well, there wasn’t. But right after that designated hitter John Jaso hit a double down the right field line. If you’re following along at home, that means that Jaso still isn’t the fucking starting catcher!

Some other bad news: George Sherrill will miss the rest of the year after undergoing Tommy John surgery, and Franklin Gutierrez had a setback, experiencing Plantar Fasciitis, which is a condition that doesn’t always heal quickly.

In good news though, Jesus Montero doesn’t seem like a huge douchebag. Brett Lawrie, another target in a trade for Michael Pineda does. Brett Lawrie (local kid, I know) looks like the kind of guy you’d see at some shitty bar watching UFC, drinking water from a pint glass with a straw because he’s “in training,” wearing a shirt a Tapout shirt  three sizes too small with sunglasses on the back of his head, with some over-tanned, over-made-up, and under-dressed girl under his arm, mean-mugging anyone that looks their direction. Dodged a bullet on that one.

  • Tyrell Osborne

    Sherrill being out isnt a big deal, our lefties in Furbush, and Lutge isdoing a hell of a job so far.

    • Casey McLain

      I think they’ll be fine too. 

  • Anonymous

    Sherrill is not a loss, he’s finished.  I’m starting to buy into the Fire (Wedge) Brigade.  He should have pulled Vargas who was over 100 not very effective pitches and not handling Encarnacion well all game.  I’m okay with Vargas but he was pitching behind all game, I agree he’s no #2.  The Olivo and Figgins dingers just means more of their less than replacement level contributions to come.  Craptastic!