Mariners Sweep Tigers, Nobody Cares, Less People Watch

On the heels of the NFL Draft the Mariners swept the Detroit Tigers. Hector Noesi got a no decision! That’s better than the alternative!

Justin Smoak hit. Everyone is hitting. Or well, some people are hitting. Chone Figgins is hitting. Or well, he hit today.

Check out this piece on Lookout Landing.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey I got it on Gameday and KIRO and found it very entertaining and since they won after being tied at 4 each also somewhat surprising.  The fact that Figgins probably bought himself some more time is a little aggravating.  Since a .500 season is the height of my ambition for this mob and they swept a decent team you can color me happy.  I’d still swap out Noesi for Erasmo Ramirez.

    • Casey McLain

      Bleh @ Figgins, double Bleh @ Erasmo.