Felix Opts for Results Over Process, Liddi and Saunders Follow Suit

It’s weird that after a second Mariners win in a row I’m not super excited to write about baseball. It’s nothing to do with the Mariners. They played an almost all young-guy lineup and hit the ball all around Comerica Park. This is what we’ve been waiting to see for a long time.

Most of it has to do with my preparation for the NFL draft. I’ve been writing double duty for the past couple weeks, and then today everything came to a head when I had three meetings to end my day at work, which got me out of work a half hour into the game, and because four raindrops hit I-5 before five o’clock, it took until the fifth inning to get home. Luckily my lovely girlfriend was able to DVR the game for me, and then she left before I got home.

Anyone who is in any kind of serious relationship knows that having the opportunity to watch a mid-week sporting event in total and complete silence is a rare event. It’s like the unicorn of all relationship days. If I look at today like a game, and my life as the sport of baseball, my girlfriend’s Win Probability Added (WPA) today was through the roof (not literally, or our upstairs neighbors would be quite upset).

Speaking of win probability, while Felix Hernandez’s seven innings and one run may say otherwise, his chances of winning tonight considering the way he pitched were very low. Felix walked three batters tonight and struck out only two.

Only 14 times in Felix’s career has he walked more batters than he struck out. In those game his record is 2-8.

But who cares? Felix is a good pitcher and his wins and losses aren’t indicative of his performance all the time some may say. Those some are right, but today Felix wasn’t particularly good. He threw 96 pitches and missed three bats. He threw only 53 strikes in those 96 pitches, and had more fly-ball outs than groundball outs. Today Felix didn’t do many of the things that make him truly great. That he won may cause some people to romanticize that he is actually better because he was able to win without his typical game. Whatever, I’m not going to burst that Felix bubble tonight.

Alex Liddi and Michael Saunders have had a really great series so far. Liddi really destroyed a ball today, and had his second straight multi-hit game, the same feat Saunders accomplished, and Saunders had two doubles to prop up Liddi’s homer yesterday. Chone Figgins, you better watch your back.

Today was a good day for Mariners fans. The young guys came through. It’s sad to hear that Michael Pineda is hurt, but way better to have Jesus Montero on the roster.

  • Anonymous

    You know Casey, from an old editor/publisher, you are a damn good writer.  The quality and quantity of your content is impressive.  You’re right on Felix, it was not one of his good games but as he has suffered so much from a lack of support for so long he deserves a few unearned wins.  I’ve noted Liddi’s contributions of late and am mildly impressed, if he keeps it up I’ll be big time impressed.  Some prospects do finally figure things out, as so many do not deserve the passion they inspire in their early careers.  It’s interesting when some you hold little hope of ever being of real value remind you you’re a bloody idiot.  If Noesi blows the sweep tonight I hope they swap him out for Erasmo Ramirez, I think he has more value, at least in the near term.  Andy Carraway over in Jackson has won his third game, maybe he’ll beat The Big Three to Tacoma.  The Tacomans need some arms it seems.

    • http://twitter.com/NASORB Casey McLain

      Hey the check is in the mail for that compliment! I have a feeling the big three will skip Tacoma. That’s turning into High Desert North.