So About Games 14 and 15

So of the last two Mariners games I’ve basically seen a combined three innings live. On Thursday my girlfriend and I went to her parents house because it was her little brother’s birthday. He’s not a huge sports fan, and while Mr. Casey’s Girlfriend’s Dad is a big sports fan, it wasn’t his birthday. The TV was on, but it was on the movie Lord of War. That’s a really good movie, but not as good as Felix Day.

What I did end up seeing though was after the movie was over. We turned to the game around the eighth inning. We saw Felix strike out two, then load the bases. Then when he struck out Shin-Shoo Choo to strike get out of the bases loaded jam he’d created Mr. Casey’s Girlfriend’s Grandpa was on the phone with his daughter who he’d be visiting the next day, on the third strike Mr. Casey’s Girlfriend’s Grandpa bumped my arm and got my attention and silently yelled something celebratory and vulgar at the same time.

And when Felix walked off the mound he did the same thing, though I’m sure it wasn’t truly silent just silent under the roar of applause. And so when Felix screamed walking off the mound and the steam from his breath rose to the sky, in my mind I romanticized that he was breathing smoke from the fire that burns in his chest. That kind of emotion, and that kind of image is usually reserved for late September and October when the weather becomes cold again, and players’ intensity increases.

It’s mid-April and Felix Hernandez is in late-season form. We are lucky fans.

Then Brandon League entered the game. Earlier in the game Mr. Casey’s Girlfriend’s Brother was quite offended when he found out my girlfriend thought that Dustin Ackley was attractive. I joked that she was able to justify that by saying that he looked like me. He has a beard, which is apparently his main qualification.

But she likes Brandon League too. When I pointed that out her brother and I had a field day. Then League gave up a walk and he blamed it on her. He gave up a single and a walk, all her fault. Then he gave up two runs leading the Mariners to a win.

I don’t hate Brandon League, but giving up yet another Felix Hernandez win was pretty heart-breaking.

Then I spent most of last night’s game driving from Tacoma to Spokane. The game started when I was passing through Vantage and driving over the Columbia River. As I drove up the east side of the river I was still listening to the game on the Seattle radio station, but it had started to have a lot of static. I found five stations that were playing the game, but they were all as bad or worse than 710 ESPN Seattle. As I drove I ended up having to find a new station about every 20 miles. Then about the 5th inning it all went to hell and I ended up listening to 90s butt rock the whole rest of the way to Spokane.

I did see Montero’s home run though on my mom’s DVR. And I saw Iwakuma pitch. I know Hector Noesi was terrible, and though Erasmo Ramirez and Hisashi Iwakuma pitched better, they weren’t exactly dominant.

Any time either of those guys get into games started by Hector Noesi or Kevin Millwood it’s possible that they’ll be making the start in that slot next time around in the rotation.

I should be better at writing today. Have a good Saturday in the mean time.