Who the hell is Perris Blackwell?

If you are the die hard Washington basketball fan that I am, you are excited about any addition to our program.

Spiffy Perris

But unless you are huge basketball junky or a fan of the West Coast Conference, you may not know who Perris Blackwell is. I wasn’t aware of who he was until today, when the UW announced he would be joining the program. 

Here is the 411 on Perry:

He is a 6-9, 240 lbs. Center from California. He played significantly for the San Francisco Dons even garnering All-West Coast Conference honors this past season during the Dons’ run through the CBI.

Interestingly, he is one of six players to transfer out of San Francisco this season. I could not dig up a reason why, but there is surely one that we will find out soon enough.

Blackwell will have to sit out a year per NCAA rules before playing for UW in 2013-14. He most likely chose Washington as it is a place where he will be able to play right away. It will be after Aziz N’Diaye graduates.

This is obviously good news for Washington, in the long term. This is very good. We needed a big man.  But there will be a sect of fans wondering what Romar has up his sleeve to improve the team for next year.

First, why this is still really good for us. It not only fills a position of need here in the future, but with an experienced player who will allow Romar not to have to throw a young guy in to the fire after Aziz graduates. There will be a huge void after next season when N’Diaye departs the program.

In the short term, I am sure though that Romar would prefer to find another body to put down there with N’Diaye this season. Remember, Washington has one more scholarship left to offer.  As it stands now, redshirt freshman Jernard Jarreau and redshirt sophomore Desmond Simmons look to be the bangers down low with Aziz. That is a worrisome prospect as both are fairly scrawny and too perimeter oriented for the 4-position, at the moment at least.

There is no telling just how good Blackwell will be in the Pac-12, but I don’t think any of us could really complain if he replicates the near 13 points and 7 boards  in the 20-25 minutes per game he played in for USF. The question mark will be his defense, of course.

Along with Marky Mac from Tacoma Community College, this now fills two of the three remaining scholarships Romar has to offer in this very out of the ordinary spring recruiting period for him.

We now stay tuned for a for sure third signee this spring. Washington seems set at guard and will more than likely look to immediately assist Aziz down low.