Brendan Ryan Powers the Mariners to Series Victory

If there was ever a start that said “I was a start made by Blake Beavan” today may have been the day. Beavan took on a team that has a very poor offense, and missed very few bats, but threw a lot of strikes and walked nobody. This is Blake Beavan. If he’s given five runs against bad teams he’ll win some games. If he’s given less than five runs against less bad teams, his results figure to be much worse. This is ultimately why I don’t consider him a viable big leaguer. He’s a fifth starter at his peak, and he’s almost reached his upside. Blake Beavan is probably going to be long reliever, or mop up guy, or whatever fun term you want to call him. He’s Chris Reitsma. But hey, Chris Reitsma made more than $7 million in his career.

That said, he’s a good arm to have holding the top prospect trio down in Double A if the Mariners aren’t going to contend this year.

Brendan Ryan hit a homerun, and unlike many of the very few homeruns he’s hit, the guy who caught it had a much worse mustache than he did. In my notes I wrote down “Brendan Ryan hits a homerun to a guy who looked like Ron Jeremy.” I fixed it though, because while Brendan did hit that homerun in the past, I bet the guy who caught it still looks like Ron Jeremy. Looking like Ron Jeremy isn’t something you just do one day. You don’t wake up, comb your hair a certain way, and all the sudden you look like Ron Jeremy. Looking like Ron Jeremy is a thing that has to be cultivated over the course of months, or even years.

Brendan Ryan hit a home run.

Justin Smoak hit exactly the kind of homerun that makes Safeco Field friendly for lefties. He hit a ball that was relatively low, and while it’s probably a double everywhere, it probably wouldn’t be a homerun if he was right handed and hit it to left field. It’s really good to see Smoak hitting from the left side. He got his next RBI much differently as he nubbed a ball back to the pitcher with Dustin Ackley on third base.

Brian Wilson got hurt. I don’t know if that speeds up the timetable on a possible Brandon League trade, but it probably increases the chances of one. I fucking hate Brian Wilson.

The Mariners are 6-5 for the first time since 2009. They were pretty good in 2009. Some of Jack Zduriencik’s wizardry could be coming together. I love Jack Zduriencik.


  • Anonymous

    Jackie Z is like an ice cold beer on a hot day in Baluchistan (110 in the shade and there ain’t any).  His moves have gone down pretty good for the most part.  If he does ever move Beaven he’ll get something good in return for him, as he should.  I is for Iwakuma and invisible, which I say is the same thing evidently.  I’m going to contact Standard & Poors suggesting a downgrade on Wedgie, his infatuation for Olivo is getting troublesome.