The Hector and Jesus Show Carries Mariners Over A’s

Hector Noesi made me look way less like an idiot today than the last time he pitched. Obviously he pitched against a much worse team than the Texas Rangers today, but I really think that today he was given a more fair strike zone, as well as his one command and control being significantly better. Hector Noesi is my 2012 mancrush. Thanks Hector, good game.

And I’ll admit, Jesus Montero is better behind my plate than I expected. I expected him to look like Robert Swift in a rap video behind the plate. However, what I did notice that was despite Hector Noesi being a very young pitcher, he was shaking off Montero very often throughout the whole game. If Jesus Montero has a rapport with any pitcher on the Mariners roster it is Noesi. That may be nitpicking. He looks a bit mechanical making a throw to second also. I still think he’s a DH in the future.

He is one hell of a hitter though. We’ll see what Hit Tracker online has to say about his homerun, but holy shit he hit it hard. That ball left in a hurry.

I didn’t notice the ROOT crew showing as many behind-plate shots during pitches. They did show the first pitch of the game from behind home plate though. I feel like in some roundabout way this was their way of saying “Fuck you Casey, but you’re right.”


The Western Washington University basketball coach threw a better first pitch than Mike Cameron. Mike Cameron was in a big league camp this offseason. Damn Mike Cameron, bad showing.

Alex Liddi and Dustin Ackley teamed up for a double play at one point in this game. Both of those guys are probably ultimately playing out of position, but both are acceptable at the position in the short term, and Ackley is probably nearing league-average defense.

Brendan Ryan doesn’t let up. We love that about Brendan Ryan. He’s a hell of a defender, and the guy that takes advantage of every mistake his opponents make as a rule. He also made a really bad choice to go to third early in the game on a single to left field. He was safe, but it was a bad decision. We hate that about Brendan Ryan.

The Mariners won today. Jesus Montero had 3 RBIs. Jesus Montero played catcher and Miguel Olivo, Miguel Fucking Olivo was the team’s DH today. And the Mariners won.


  • Anonymous

    All in all it made Z’s trade smarts look respectable for now.  There’s no rationale for it whatsoever but I just got a feeling the baseball gods are going to send a seagull bomber over Safeco to drop a humongous season long load of luck on this crew.  I rarely make predictions because I suck at it.  This probably just further confirmation of that fact.