Seattle Mariners Game 10: vs. Oakland

I’m excited to see Hector Noesi again, I think he’ll be better off pitching in Safeco, and pitching against the A’s. I’m also excited to see how boring Tom Milone is. I know how weird that is. Jesus Montero catches tonight and Miguel Olivo DHs. This is the Mariners intentionally being worse. John Jaso is a better hitter than Miguel Olivo and Miguel Olivo is a better defender than Jesus Montero. They’re a bad team and actively rolling out a worse lineup.

Starting Pitchers

Hector Noesi vs. Tom Milone



1. Jemile Weeks, 2B

2. Coco Crisp, LF

3. Josh Reddick, RF

4. Yoenis Cespedes, CF

5. Seth Smith, DH

6. Kurt Suzuki, C

7. Daric Barton, 1B

8. Josh Donaldson, 3B

9. Cliff Pennington, SS



1. Chone Figgins, CF

2. Dustin Ackley, 2B

3. Ichiro Suzuki, RF

4. Justin Smoak, 1B

5. Jesus Montero, C

6. Alex Liddi, 3B

7. Miguel Olivo, DH

8. Casper Wells, LF

9. Brendan Ryan, SS