Seattle Mariners Game 9: Home Opener vs. Oakland

The Mariners home opener tonight, and all night has been full of dilemmas. On my way to work I was deciding whether or not I wanted to get last-minute tickets to the game. Well on the way home I found out that they’re scarce, and that in all likelihood I’d be sitting alone. That made that decision, I’d need a designated driver. So I’ll be watching it from home.

Then I went to my local market to find that my go-to beer New Belgium’s Ranger IPA was on sale. I have the remains of a six-pack of Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo IPA in my fridge already, and a girlfriend that is totally happy when I buy more beer (#sarcasm). I solved that one by accompanying my purchase of a six-pack of Ranger IPA with a six-pack of Fat Tire, remembering that I’d told her she should try it because it matches up with what she likes in a beer. Clutch thinking there.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter (which you should) knows that this was a big decision. They also know that in the past week alone I’ve tweeted two #beerstatuses.

Oddly had no dilemma cracking the first beer at 3 PM (If you’re reading this any of my various bosses, I got off work early), but I had the dilemma of a warm Ranger or a cold Torpedo. The problem is that while both bottles have green on them like the A’s uniforms, the Torpedo IPA label is green and gold. However, the Mariners just got done playing the Rangers, and well, fuck the Rangers.

Good pour.

But (Sub)Mariners use torpedoes to destroy their enemies vessels. So here I go drinking my Torpedo IPA, wondering what kind of WPA I added to the Mariners based on a completely legitimate superstition. I also wonder how little I’ll care when I’ve finished off all the Torpedoes and am still quite thirsty.

Mariners home opener!

Starting Pitchers

Felix Hernandez vs. Bartolo Colon



1. Jemile Weeks, 2B

2. Coco Crisp, LF

3. Josh Reddick, RF

4. Yoenis Cespedes, CF

5. Seth Smith, DH

6. Kurt Suzuki, C

7. Daric Barton, 1B

8. Josh Donaldson, 3B

9. Cliff Pennington, SS



1. Chone Figgins, LF

2. Dustin Ackley, 2B

3. Ichiro Suzuki, RF

4. Justin Smoak, 1B

5. Kyle Seager, 3B

6. Jesus Montero, DH

7. Michael Saunders, CF

8. Miguel Olivo, C

9. Brendan Ryan, SS

  • Anonymous

    Fancy a taste of Spitfire or Bishops Finger?  They are from Shepherd & Neame Brewery in Kent.  Been brewing for 850 years.  Am off to Kent next weekend with the Mrs. and will be stopping by for a tour.  It’s not far from Salisbury Cathedral and the Royal Navy Dockyards in Chatham.   I Googled “British beer brewers” and there were 147,000,000 listings, hell there’s only 60,000,000 people in Britain.

    • Casey McLain

      Ya I want a taste! I was hoping that was Kent, Washington Haha. 

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, wrong link, should be