Mariners Home Opener Was Frustrating Display of Baseball

Today was the home opener. Mike Cameron through the first pitch, and looked worse than Barack Obama doing it. Felix hit 93 miles per hour. Woo hoo!

After that the game sucked.

I don’t have a whole bunch of recap in me for today’s game. I was frustrated by what seemed like fucking 78 views from behind the catcher that ROOT chose to show us. I was frustrated with Michael Saunders. He probably got some bad calls, but swing the fucking bat you have two strikes Michael!

And get Miguel Olivo out of there. If the Mariners cut Miguel Olivo tomorrow I’d be happy. Miguel Olivo was an average baseball player at his peak and a fucking terrible one now. John Jaso has shown flashes that he could be very good, and he’s still very young. He’s a guy that hits a ton of line drives, and while he may not be bursting at the seams with defensive prowess, we’re not exactly asking him to replace Mike Matheny. God damn Mike Matheny was good behind the plate.

There were some heart-warming stories before today’s game. My heart is cold right now though. Watch the postgame, don’t read this. Too late now I guess.

  • Bob

    Hang on, we’re headed for a bumpy ride!

  • Bob

    Same team as last year, only worse! Not a damned positive thing done  in the off season to better the team!

  • Anonymous

    Well it wasn’t the maiden voyage of Titanic, just the first game at home.  I’ll bet they score a run real soon.