Seattle Mariners Series No. 4: vs. Oakland

I really hope that the Mariners fun train hasn’t come to a crashing halt. The first couple weeks of the season have been great, except for that shit against the Rangers. Well anyways, the A’s are back for the third time. Easy money?

Game 1

Felix Hernandez (3.16 xFIP in 14.1 IP in 2012)


Bartolo Colon (3.37 xFIP in 12.1 IP in 2012)

So Felix pitched kind of crappy last time out, but the Mariners still won. Bartolo Colon is very good, but especially good for a guy who has a bunch of spare fetus parts in his shoulder.


Game 2

Hector Noesi (5.17 xFIP in 3.0 IP in 2012)


Tom Milone (5.30 xFIP in 8.0 IP in 2012)

Milone is the walking definition of a regression candidate, as he gave up zero runs in eight innings while allowing six baserunners, but striking out nobody. Noesi on the other hand, is probably due to pitch much better, and hopefully he won’t get squeezed this time out.


Game 3

Blake Beavan (4.97 xFIP in 6.1 IP in 2012)


Graham Godfrey (5.26 xFIP in 6.0 IP in 2012)

Another barely-watchable start involving Blake Beavan. Beavan is a low-strikeout, low-walk pitcher, and Godfrey may be the same at the big league level. If you like high-80s fastballs, this is your game.


And in this goofy ass season, for the third time I’m going to use the same A’s poll.

Who will win this Series?

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  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope the King’s Court will kick Felix back to the guy we know and love.  Iwamura has become an invisible man, maybe Wedgie has forgotten his name.  I have more faith in Beaven than Noesi at this point.