Mariners Game 8 Recap: Jaso Jailed, Seager slugs, Vargas Vargases

So I admit, this game snuck up on me. You may have noticed that we didn’t preview the game. You may not have noticed. That’s ok. I didn’t get to watch the game, but here are a couple notes:

Kyle Seager played second base today. Kyle Seager played 24 innings at second base before today. He played a lot of second base in college though. It seems kind of silly to have him take reps at second with the same-handed Dustin Ackley at the position, but having depth at the position is valuable I suppose. Ackley will probably be around a while though.

Kyle Seager also hit a home run. That ESPN presently has him projected (based on his pace over 162 games) for 20 homeruns and 41 doubles. His home run is not on Hit Tracker Online as of the time I’m writing this. Bryan LaHair a.k.a. former Mariners Quad A Brian  has the second longest true distance homerun in baseball so far this season though. Welcome to the second week of a baseball season. It’s a fun time.

The longest was the shot that shall not be mentioned.

Jason Vargas was yet again Jason Vargas. He missed some bats and let his opponents hit the ball in the air. Sometimes those balls-in-air end up bad. Today some ended up bad.

One night after John Jaso’s emancipation Miguel Olivo made a case to get more playing time than his basically-already-all-of-the-playing time that he already receives. Accountability.

The Mariners are .500. We’ll be better tomorrow. Not the Mariners, just me. I sucked today.