Mariners Game 6 Recap: M’s Lose again, fall to .500

Yesterday the Mariners traded three doubles for four homeruns and lost 11-5, today they traded four singles for three doubles, and lost 1-0.

I’m a bit of a Blake Beavan doubter, and by that I mean that I don’t think that Blake Beavan has a big league career ahead of him. But Beavan had pretty good results today. He missed eight bats too. He only got three groundball outs, but Blake Beavan missed bats. People that think that Blake Beavan is Doug Fister. Doug Fister throws a lot of grounders, and had an uptick in strikeouts last year. Beavan has a long ways to go before he’s Doug Fister.

I was also quite the Tom Wilhelmsen doubter, and I know that this year has been a small sample-size, and a small sample-size for the position that is most likely to have the smallest sample sizes. Wilhelmsen looks pretty good so far. I think the Mariners will have better closer options in the long run, but Wilhelmsen may be a high-leverage arm after all.

Neftali Feliz had only 10 swinging strikes. That’s not a bad rate, but Blake Beavan had eight in 20 less pitches. Obviously Feliz has potential to miss more bats than Blake Beavan, but I don’t think that Feliz was nearly as dominant as anyone expected. I am a big fan of Alexi Ogando’s repertoire of pitches, and I actually think he’s better equipped to be a starter long term. Feliz is young and this was his first start, and he held the Mariners to only four hits in seven innings, but still, he wasn’t as good as I expected.

After a paragraph of trashing Feliz strong outing, I will say that he shut down every Mariner that was hot so far. And hey, the guy retired 58 straight Mariners to start his career against the Mariners.

Good for Mariners fans is that two guys who have been struggling—Jesus Montero and Justin Smoak—each had two hits for the Mariners only four hits. None of them were particularly impressive, but it’s good to see these two hitting the ball hard, even if they’re just grounders through the infield. Now that Brandon Allen has been DFA’d by Oakland, I think it’s time that all the “Free Brandon Allen” guys move on to John Jaso. I haven’t every understood the Mariners signing of Miguel Olivo, and while he may actually be the best defensive catcher on the Mariners roster, I think the team is sacrificing opportunities not getting John Jaso at bats. Jaso is five years younger than Olivo and four years away from free agency. Miguel Olivo sucks, he’s old, and he’s not a good defender. He probably won’t have any trade value this season, so unless he starts hitting soon his place on this roster doesn’t make any sense to me.

The Mariners are .500. Tomorrow is the least appealing pitching matchup of any game in this series. I’m telling you to miss tomorrow’s game if you have to miss any.

  • Anonymous

    Beg pardon but I’m somewhat of a differential persuasion, but far from vehemently so.  I think Bevan might be a serviceable back end of the rotation guy, however I get that he doesn’t appear to be particularly proficient but he just seems to produce some decent results and he’s done it in enough games so far that it doesn’t appear to be a fluke.  I’m also a Wilhelmsen fan and think he has a future of sorts in the game.  I wouldn’t object to them replacing League with him at some point, unless they have a better option at the time.  Going back to Ryan, I too like him, he’s a baseball gamer and a fine shortstop.  I also like what Kawasaki brings to the game offensively and he’s a professional shortstop too.  There are a number positions with serious options worth evaluating, it will very interesting to see who ends up where.  What happens when Guti and Carp come back only the baseball gods know.  Andy Carraway is not taking a back seat to the Big 3 in Jackson, he too has to be observed it seems.  Forrest Snow, a personal favorite, meanwhile is not the man we saw in the AFL last fall.  All this is SSS guaranteed but interesting.  Like seeing Wedgie reminding them who’s in charge without making an ass out of himself.  There have been far too many errors for a team who can’t hit like the Texicans yet.

    • Casey McLain

      I’ve never imagined you with a British accent until the first two words of this comment. I think your opinions are valid, not matter how much they differ from mine. 

      • Anonymous

        No British accent, just pick up the odd expression from time to time.