Mariners Game 4 Recap: M’s move to 3-1

Another win for the Mariners. Their 3-1 for the first time since 2006. I don’t know why that’s an important date. It was a while ago, so it is good in that regard. They didn’t make the playoffs that year though. They didn’t make the playoffs any year in between. 3-1 is four games. There were 162 games in every one of those seasons.

I have a bone to pick with Root Sports too. Last year they had the behind-the-catcher shot for third strikes. Fuck I hated that. Well this year they left Dave Sims and Mike Blowers in Bellevue for two games in Japan, and had only the Japanese feed to the stateside viewers. Then on Friday they had technical difficulties in the ninth inning. And yesterday they were responsible for this gem.

Apparently the San Francisco Giants alternate jerseys are Blue and Teal, and have Felix Hernandez's name on the back. C'mon ROOT.

Mariners 3-1, ROOT Sports 0-4.

Felix Hernandez looked alright. He hit 93 on the gun a couple of times, which is better than the 89-91 that has been reported. He got in trouble a couple of times, and one time he didn’t get to get himself out of trouble, and Steve Delabar made everyone in the world tired of Yoenis Cespedes. I’m tired of seeing Yoenis Cespedes hit home runs against the Mariners. I wish someone would have put a fastball in his hip pocket.

The Mariners did two things well that they have been inconsistent doing the past couple of years. They got a big league and they held a small lead. They have a bullpen that is comprised of a former teacher, a former bartender, a former surfer, a Rule V guy, Erasmo Ramirez, a former Mariners reliever turned current Mariners reliever, and Hisashi Iwakuma, who was a starter in Japan. Most bullpens have guys with interesting stories as to how they became members of big league bullpens. I bet no one has as many storylines in their bullpen as the Mariners. Storylines don’t win championships, but if they did…

The Chone Figgins fanclub continues to grow. I never thought that Figgins had completely lost it. In fact last year I predicted that Figgins would have a bounceback year. I still think he plays a lazy brand of baseball, which is something I didn’t think before he came to Seattle. He’s hitting line drives though. If he keeps hitting line drives he can look away from his third base coach every day of the week.

Michael Saunders hit a home run. Last year I remember being too-many-beers-deep having a conversation with Kramer while throwing a ball inside (I make my own rules now mom!) about how 2011 was Michael Saunders year to get 600 plate appearances. He made that basically impossible for the Mariners to do as he was thoroughly awful last year. This may be the year Kramer, grab your beer and grab your ball (don’t make it plural though) we need to have a conversation. Saunders looks really good at the plate and his shortened swing seems to have allowed him to stay back on pitches better, make decisions to swing later, and hasn’t hurt, maybe even helping his power. Go Condor!

I’m really excited to see Hector Noesi vs. Yu Darvish, it will be a good test for the Mariners and a fun chance to watch two arms that I’m very excited about.

3-1 is 3-1. There are many worse places to be.