Seattle Mariners Game 3 Recap: M’s beat A’s 7-3

Really Root Sports, really? Opening day? The Mariners network isn’t in mid-season form, anyone who watched the game figured that out, as Brandon League pitched and we didn’t see shit. Was this guy outside the production truck?

However, a lot of really great things happened tonight. Michael Saunders, Chone Figgins, Kyle Seager, and Brendan Ryan combined for nine hits. The four biggest question marks on this roster offensively hit great. It’s one game. Remember that. Just one game. Figgins made a huge mistake early when he didn’t capitalize on Yoenis Cespedes dropping a ball he was trying to transfer from his glove to his hand to throw home on a sac fly. It wasn’t an obvious run-scoring opportunity and would have been a tight play at home, it was certainly an obvious don’t-look-at-your-fucking-cleats moment though, and Figgins failed. He ended up scoring later in the inning. Alll was forgiven tonight, it won’t always be though.

Dustin Ackley looked really good today. He hit a line drive hard up the middle in his first at bat and had two more hits on the night. I don’t know if he’ll ever be Chase Utley, and he’s kind of a clunky comparison to a guy like Brian Roberts, but he’ll be really good. If Dustin Pedroia and Craig Biggio got together and pumped out an immaculately conceived by the baseball gods baby, he may be Dustin Ackley.

That Yoenis Cespedes guy. God damn did he hit the fuck out of a ball. His homerun in Japan was hit hard. It didn’t make it far over the fence but it was traveling at high speed when it did go over the fence. His homerun today didn’t have any problem clearing a fence, and almost destroyed the first seven rows of the second deck when it hit the face of it. Holy fuck can Cespedes put a charge in a ball. He will also strike out a lot. He may hit .240, but he’ll probably hit 30 really fun to watch home runs.

Jason Vargas was probably not as good as his line would indicate. He’s Jason Vargas. He pitched in a huge ballpark that is very pitcher friendly, and pitched a good game. Jason Vargas, he’s a pitcher. He might be the second-best starter on the roster right now. I hope not, but that’s where he’s presently slotted.

So the Mariners win 7-3, or so I think. Tomorrow Yoenis Cespedes should get a fastball in the mid-back area, or so I think. Tomorrow I will drink less beer during the game, or so I think.

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    Don’t think, it screws up the taste.  Couldn’t help but note that Figgins and Cespedes each get paid $36MM for four years work.  The difference seems to be that Cespedes might be actually worth the cost.