MLB Season Predictions

So yesterday I wanted really bad to get all these up. However, while I was at work I got a call from my girlfriend and found out I was moving this weekend because there was mold growing from the walls of our apartment. Such is the risk of moving into a 100 year old building, but needless to say, dealing with that has taken up a fair amount of my time, and I haven’t gotten a chance to watch any baseball. Luckily, we will be moving within the same apartment building which has free cable, so even if we are moving tomorrow I’ll be able to watch the Mariners. Fuck mold.

Here goes on some predictions:

  Casey Kramer
AL West Angels Rangers
AL Central Tigers Tigers
AL East Rays Red Sox
Wildcard (two this year) Rangers, Yankees Yankees, Angels
AL Cy Young Jered Weaver Jered Weaver
AL MVP Miguel Cabrera Miguel Cabrera
AL Rookie of the Year Mike Trout Yu Darvish
NL West Giants Diamondbacks
NL Central Reds Cardinals
NL East Nationals Phillies
Wildcard (two this year) Cardinals, Braves Giants, Braves
NL Cy Young Chris Carpenter Clayton Kershaw
NL MVP Joey Votto Joey Votto
NL Rookie of the Year Yonder Alonso Yonder Alonso
World Series Matchup Cincinnati vs. Anaheim  Boston vs. Philadelphia
World Series Winner Anaheim  Philadelphia
Best Mariners Rookie Jesus Montero Jesus Montero
Best Mariners Reliever Chance Ruffin Brandon League
Best Mariners SP Felix Hernandez Felix Hernandez
Best Mariners Hitter Dustin Ackley Dustin Ackley
Most Improved Mariner Justin Smoak Justin Smoak
Most Disappointing Mariner Mike Carp Mike Carp
Most Surprising Mariner Hector Noesi Michael Saunders
Ichiro Hits: 184  187
Mariners Season Record 77-85  80-82


  • Anonymous

    No respect for Arizona?  Sabean has had the one miracle of his life already.  Next year all change for Dodger Stadium.  Most surprising M will be Kawasaki, best reliever will be Wilhelmsen and Ichiro will get 200 hits exactly.  Tigers win WS.

    • Casey McLain

      As a team the DBacks out-resulted their process as a total pitching staff and were below average at the plate. They had a wRC+ of 95 and a xFIP- of 105 (both of those are five percent on the wrong side of average). I think their young players could develop more, but I mean, Joe Saunders is Joe Saunders. Everything indicates he’ll return to that in 2012. I like the rest of your picks though, even though our disagree with them. 

      • Anonymous

        If Joe Saunders is from the Dominican Republic he might actually be Jose Saguero.