April Fools!

So we appreciate all of you being good sports about it. Generally we’ve received no bad feedback. We posted a fake piece yesterday about Lorenzo Romar leaving for Illinois. We certainly don’t want that to happen, and are huge Huskies fans. We hoped that people would notice it was fake when our sources were Pravda, Justin Beiber, the Power Rangers, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and Festivus at various points of the day.

We hope we didn’t offend anyone, and we certainly didn’t expect that we’d receive such a response on various social media outlets. When I was Sean Kramer and Brad Colyer’s Editor in Chief in college I preached the mantra that “we are not news.” We aren’t news here either. Or well, we don’t make news. Rather we analyze it. Today was a fun day for us. Go Huskies.