Michael Pineda Placed on the 15-Day Disabled List

As I prepare my rain gear for the second Sounders game I’ll ever attend, I can’t help but still miss baseball season, and be very excited for next friday when the real season starts. But a little tidbit of news came across the wire that is particularly bittersweet. Michael Pineda has gone on the disabled list with shoulder tendinitis. On the surface shoulder tendinitis isn’t automatically damning. But it could be an indication of a much bigger problem like a rotator cuff tear or labrum damage.

So the bitter part is because I generally think that Pineda is a very good guy and I don’t root against him even though he plays for the evil empire in New York now. I think he’ll struggle in new Yankee Stadium which is basically diametrically opposed to his skillset, and I was hoping that he’d really struggle when he played the Mariners. But I guess I generally rooted for him.

The sweet part is that it didn’t happen to the Mariners. It’s really hard to argue that the Mariners lost the trade at this point. And it’s hard to imagine that Hector Noesi won’t outperform Pineda this year, let alone Jesus Montero.

I doubt that Jack Zduriencik saw this coming. If he did he’s probably blacklisted from any Yankees trades in the future. But the circumstances have worked in his and the Mariners favors to this point.

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad for Michael, like you he remains a personal favorite for me too – and I’ve hated the Damn Yankees for over 60 years.  It’s going to be harder for him to deal with that problem and the New York media and fans than it would be in Seattle.  That will teach the Yanks to try and slip us damaged good like they did in the off/on Lee trade.  What goes around comes around.  Cashman is not having a good year.