Baseball Purgatory Sucks

If you’re a Mariners fan like me, you have battled sleep deprivation for the latter half of last week after waking up early to watch the Mariners. If you’re sane and slept full nights, but still watched the Mariners it still sucks that you have to wait eight days after the last Mariners regulation game before seeing the next one. The Mariners play on Friday. Next Friday. They play a bunch of spring training games between now and then but who cares. Who wants an O’Douls when you’ve already downed a couple hoppy and nasty ales. I’m sooo ready to trade my coffee cup for a pint glass. Get here quickly Friday, I’m fiending!

  • Anonymous

    Every 7:00pm start in Seattle is 3:00am here so I only get live day games in the midwest or east time zones in the evening here.  If the M’s make the playoffs I’ll turn into a zombie.  Year before last I got the MLB-TV package and loved it.  Last year got it again and found my neighbors had sucked my bandwith down beyond use.  No cable here in tiny town.

    • Casey McLain

      The only reasonable solution is to go next door with a baseball bat, and get your bandwidth back.