How Will You Watch the Seattle Mariners Opener?

The Mariners season is creeping up on us, and they’ll play on Wednesday. I’d like to know how many people are going to be awake to watch the Mariners opener at 3 AM. I plan on starting a game thread in our new forum, and probably waking up some time before or during the game, and at worst watching my DVR recording.

I don’t know that our forum will be packed with people. I know that we haven’t done a good enough job promoting it, and in order to avoid spambots I’ve set the securities so that I must approve any new users. I’d love for you to join us there, if you’re available, and I’d really love if you’d join the forum in advance, so just in case I don’t wake up on time, you don’t have to worry about me approving you.

If you missed it, here is our forum.

How will you watch the Seattle Mariners opener in Japan?

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  • Rexford Hibbs

    How should we feel about getting smoked by some random team Yomiuri in Japan? It sounds like the name of a player, not a team. Im not polished on my baseball tho but Ive never even heard of them. Are they a legit team, or is this going to be another long season?

    • Casey McLain

      They’re an NPB team, which is the equivalent to MLB in Japan. They had Sadaharu Oh way back when. They’re legit. It’s not like they beat Felix either. 

  • Anonymous

    Yomiuri Giants are as good as NPB gets, they are owned by the major national newspaper in Japan.
    For once being in England pays off for a Mariners fan.  The game is on TV live at 11:00 am here, needless to say I will be tuned in.