Peyton Manning signs with Denver Broncos

The Peyton Manning saga is finally over. Manning is set to sign with the Denver Broncos. I’ve been so sick of hearing about ever bowel movement and flatulence Manning had, and I was never really a big fan of the idea of Manning coming to Seattle anyways.

But Manning signing has always figured to affect the Seahawks in some way, even though they already signed Matt Flynn. That Manning is signing with Denver is probably the best case scenario at this point for the Seahawks, as Manning doesn’t go to San Francisco, doesn’t come to the NFC, and may have ultimately single-handedly named Colin Kaepernick the 49ers starting quarterback. Because of Peyton Manning, it’s possible that Matt Flynn is the best quarterback in the NFC West.

Manning seems like he’ll sign for upwards of $19 million per year. Flynn signed for less than half that annually, for less years, and is several years younger.

And the Seahawks would have had to completely transform their offense to fit Manning, which probably would have meant making multiple additions on the offensive line, and probably some receivers and runningbacks he is familiar with.

Denver may be the ideal location for Manning, as their coach John Fox has already shown a willingness to change his base West Coast Offense, having torn it down last year to fit the skills of Tim Tebow.

Any Seahawks fan thinking that this makes some sort of Tebow appearance in Seattle possible is almost certainly mistaken. Tebow is too big a presence for this personnel team I predict, as they’ve preached “system over stars” and “competition” since taking over the reins in Seattle.

But Tebow’s future is certainly a big story. He’ll probably end up being traded, and it appears the Broncos have already entertained that idea, but where he’ll end up is uncertain. His most likely location in this scenario, were it to have occurred earlier, would have been Jacksonville. But Jacksonville already signed Chad Henne this offseason, and has Blaine Gabbert as their likely starter, having drafted him in the first round last year.