Jacob Tamme and Michael Bush may Visit Seattle Soon

Reports have surfaced that Tight End Jacob Tamme and Runningback Michael Bush may have some level of interest in coming to Seattle, that the team has some interest in them being in Seattle, and that at least Tamme is interested in visiting Seattle.

The immediate need for tight end may be exaggerated by the signing of John Carlson. The team functioned the entire year without Carlson, and while Anthony McCoy was far from effective, there has been essentially no downgrade at the tight end position from last year.

That’s not to say that Tamme doesn’t upgrade the position. He’s a very good pass catcher, and athletic enough to spend some time in the slot for the Seahawks. He’s an athletic mismatch for linebackers and safeties alike, and has good hands (unlike McCoy). While the NFL is transforming to two-tight-end formations more frequently to take advantage of rules related to concussion prevention on passes over the middle, the Seahawks still employ Zach Miller, a more traditional tight end, and the best blocker at the position on the roster. Tamme isn’t a very good blocker, and isn’t a very traditional tight end, but having him on the roster would also make it so that the Seahawks aren’t running out vanilla formations with only tight ends who will stay back for blocking.

Bush on the other hand provides two things to the Seahawks: insurance and depth at runningback, and a guy who can probably function as the team’s third-down back if necessary, as he’s a better pass-catcher than Marshawn Lynch and offers a more pass-run neutral look than any formation that includes Leon Washington.

Signing Bush wouldn’t necessarily take the Seahawks out of the running for a runningback in the draft, but like the Matt Flynn signing, it would probably make such a pick a much lower priority. I’m an advocate for the team taking Chris Polk or someone similar in the second or third round, but drafting anyone who doesn’t catch the ball well out of the backfield doesn’t make a lot of sense with Marshawn Lynch already on the roster.

Ultimately, it’s entirely possible that neither of these guys signs in Seattle. Either would be a great fit for the team’s present needs, though.