Tomorrow Will Be My Maiden Sounders Voyage

With the Seahawks taking the “no news is our news” approach to free agency, the Huskies in the NIT, and the Mariners set to start their season very soon, the gap between sports that I follow—that used to be filled by the Sonics—is closing quickly. But if there was ever a topic on this website that has been underserved since the website’s inception it is the Sounders.

I don’t write about the Sounders. I’ve never written about the Sounders. But I’m going to write about the Sounders tomorrow. This is a post about what I’m going to write in the future. Boy will it be a fun read.

We don’t do much coverage of the Sounders. Recently Brad has started to write about them, which is great for you guys. But I don’t like soccer. I’m that guy. I don’t hate all things European or foreign. I just don’t like Soccer.

But a perfect storm of stuff (literally) has left me with two Sounders tickets in my lap, free. Kramer was on his way over Snoqualmie Pass and ended up on the side of the road, faced with the prospect of frostbite, or a return to Moscow (Idaho, not Russia). In Kramer’s defense, there was a long time when he was battling Barbara Walters to become the oldest journalist without a driver’s license (why the fuck do I know about Barbara Walters not having a drivers license?), so his snow-driving skills are still developing like Carlos Peguero’s ability to make consistent contact with a baseball.

Again in his defense, I was supposed to go over the pass this weekend and am too scared to do it (sorry Mom) (scared may be better than unprepared, in my defense).

So hey, my first ever Sounders experience will be tomorrow. I’ll write about it good or bad.

Will I enjoy my first Sounders game?

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  • Duncan K-p

    Where are your Seats?  Please tell me in GA…

    • Casey McLain

      I don’t know what is considered GA for a Sounders game. 

  • Kellyapearson

    Stop by Fuel per-game. March with ECS. Sit with someone who knows that game. And enjoy!

    • Casey McLain

      I’ll march with ECS one day! I am meeting Brad for a beer after the game, but I’m going to sit with my girlfriend. I played and refereed soccer for several years when I was younger so I know the game fairly well. 

  • Anonymous

    As a bi-national living in England at present I can safely and surely say soccer sucks.  I might watch one game a year, like the Champions League final or European or World Cup games if England is in it.  Now rugby is worthwhile watching, just finished watching Wales beat France for the Six Nations Championship.  Soccer might just be a bit better than cricket though.  Lived in Australia for a couple of years and became an Aussie Rules Football fan, it might be the best game going after baseball.

    • Casey McLain

      Haha I guess I know who the one “No” vote to this point is. I’m ready for baseball season!