Seahawks Free Agency: Matt Flynn, Jason Jones, Mario Williams, Steve Hutchinson

Today I don’t have a ton of time to write. I’m watching as much of the University of Kentucky against Western Kentucky game as I’m able to, and obviously wondering why the hell Anthony Davis doesn’t shave his god damned unibrow. Or maybe at least shave it into a Nike swoosh (Just Do It!). But I won’t have time to devote as many words to Seahawks actions and inactions today as I have in the past two.

Anthony Davis and Teeng Akol match up in what may have been the ugliest tip off in the history of basketball. The entire game at any level. If you follow me on twitter you can get this kind of shitty analysis in real time.

Jason Jones and Matt Flynn are in town today.

Both of them will probably leave town and visit other people tomorrow. Jones is probably the easier get, as Flynn may be in Seattle just as a bargaining method to drive up his price in Miami. The Seahawks probably have genuine interest in Flynn, but we found out yesterday that the team may only view Flynn as a guy worth pursuing at the same speed as what brought Charlie Whitehurst to Seattle. If that’s the case then he probably won’t sign here. But if that’s the case and you have any belief that John Schneider and Pete Carroll have any idea what they are doing, the you’re happy about them not overpaying for a guy they consider the equivalent in potential to what Charlie Whitehurst was two years ago.

Steve Hutchinson signed with Tennessee, and there is a lot of speculation that this will further seduce Peyton Manning to return to the state where he played his college football. If that happens the future of Matt Hasselbeck is likely in another city. If that happens, and that city is Arizona, perhaps the Seahawks can sign Kevin Kolb, who probably everyone who wants Matt Flynn wanted last offseason, for a similar contract to the extension that Charlie Whitehurst got.

And Mario Williams signed with Buffalo. Fucking Buffalo. Six-years, $100 million. I wanted the Seahawks to break the bank for Super Mario. I think he’s amazingly talented, and perhaps better than Julius Peppers was when he signed his monster deal, and quite a bit younger. I’m not shocked by the price of doing business with Mario Williams. I wish Seattle would have gotten a chance to visit with him, and I may end up looking like a fool for being so enthusiastic about clearing out all of the Seahawks cap space on a defensive end when the team’s defense is already good. But Mario is special. There are very few players on the Seahawks I’d characterize as “special.” Earl Thomas, and maybe the 2014 version of Russell Okung.