Steve Hutchinson Visits Seattle Seahawks

Every Seattle team that has gone through significant periods of struggle seems to have a singular event that was the “beginning of the end.”

For the Mariners, even losing Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, and Randy Johnson couldn’t knock them down. Letting Lou Piniella go to Tampa Bay after the 2002 season no matter why it happened was the beginning of the Mariners struggles. When the Sonics signed Jim McIlvaine while Shawn Kemp wanted an extension, the Sonics struggles began. And almost all Seahawks fans remember the “poison pill” that would lead to Steve Hutchinson going to Minnesota, Shaun Alexander falling off the face of the earth, and ultimately to the mediocrity that has been the last two seasons.

Well that may all be corrected soon.

According to Pro Football Talk Steve Hutchinson was in Seattle today to visit. Though the team doesn’t have an obvious, immediate need at the guard position with Robert Gallery in place, perhaps Hutchinson has enough left in the tank to improve upon Gallery.

Bringing Hutchinson back as a means of symmetry is almost certainly too ceremonious for the present personnel team. Hutchinson won’t be brought back to right any wrongs created by his departure. Rather, Hutchinson would likely be brought back to make Marshawn Lynch even better, and to protect whatever quarterback is under center. It’s worth noting that Hutchinson signed his deal before Alan Faneca and Eric Steinbach. Faneca is out of football and Steinbach got released today.