Matt Flynn to Visit Seattle Seahawks

Just yesterday it didn’t seem like Matt Flynn was at all interested in playing for the Seattle Seahawks. Perhaps after two low-ball offers from the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns (as I kind of predicted) Flynn is working to raise his price tag, and has decided to visit the Seahawks on Thursday.

Flynn comes to town on the heels of a Chad Henne visit (6:06 PM UPDATE: Henne has signed with Jacksonville).  and according to Danny O’Neil on Bob and Groz, the Seahawks view Flynn and Henne as very similar skill-level quarterbacks, and intend to abide by the same conservative process bringing either of those quarterbacks in that brought Charlie Whitehurst to Seattle as a guy who could possibly develop into an adequate starter.

Let’s not make the mistake of thinking “The Seahawks think that Matt Flynn is just another Charlie Whitehurst,” because that’s not the case. Rather, remember how high the staff was on Whitehurst, and how they felt like they’d gotten a good deal when they gave up very little to acquire him, and backup money in an extension.

And we should be happy that these guys aren’t willing to break the bank on Flynn. Kevin Kolb and Matt Cassel have both struggled since signing big contracts after limited experience. Both quarterbacks came from prolific offenses and showed well there, and didn’t transition as well into their next offense. Both quarterbacks may be released in the coming days, and both teams that signed those quarterbacks (Arizona and Kansas City) have been mentioned as teams interested in Peyton Manning.

Those kinds of mistakes set franchises back half-decades at a time.

If the Seahawks sign Flynn to something in the range of three years, $21 million, I’ll be both shocked and thrilled. Such a deal would allow the team to draft a rookie in the second or third round, let him develop for a couple of years, and make an educated decision after a couple of hopefully successful years of having both on the roster.  I’m not completely against the idea of Flynn coming to Seattle. I just don’t want to see them spend upwards of $50 million on him.