Matt Flynn not Interested in Seattle Seahawks?

After months of speculation about whether or not Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn would be the Seahawks next quarterback, it seems that both will sign with other teams without stepping foot in the emerald city. Earlier this week we learned that Peyton Manning had declined an offer to come to Seattle. Now it appears that Flynn is negotiating with Cleveland and Miami.

Cleveland isn’t a totally crazy place for Flynn to land. It wouldn’t be the first time that Mike Holmgren has acquired a former Green Bay Packers backup named Matt to be his team’s quarterback. And obviously Miami, who hired Flynn’s former offensive coordinator to be their head coach, is a logical landing spot for Aaron Rodgers’ one-time backup.

What does seem weird though is that Flynn doesn’t seem to have shown a ton of interest in more teams, if only for the sake of driving up his price tag. Joe Philbin certainly knows his talent level, and Mike Holmgren doesn’t seem apt to overpay for an unproven quarterback. Getting two conservative offers and pitting them against each other is a bad way to drive up one’s price. We certainly know that whoever lands in Miami will have one less target to throw to, as Brandon Marshall has been reunited with Jay Cutler and former Denver Broncos, USC Trojans, and Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates.