Mario Williams Visiting Buffalo Bills

The guy that I have rated as the top free agent available, Mario Williams, has decided he’ll visit the Buffalo Bills as his first free agent visit. In combination with the return of Red Bryant, some think that the chances that the Seahawks sign Williams are bleak at this point. Williams will be expensive, and if the Seahawks figure to use Bryant and Chris Clemons, there may be some concern as to the playing time breakdown for all of these players. I personally think that Bryant can move inside on pass downs, and Williams can take Clemons place on run downs.

All that said, the fact that Williams chose Buffalo as his first visit is curious to say the least. Seattle may be in the middle of nowhere. Buffalo may not be as much in the middle of nowhere as Seattle is. But they’re both in the middle of nowhere, and Williams was willing to travel to Buffalo. Maybe he’ll do something Peyton Manning wouldn’t, and come to Seattle.

The bad news though, is that it looks like Buffalo doesn’t want to let Williams leave before signing a deal. Julius Peppers signed for six years, $91.5 million in 2010, at what was considered a discount. Williams is three years younger than Peppers was when he signed, and will probably sign a market value contract that exceeds the seven-year, $100 million deal signed by Albert Haynesworth the year before. I think he’s worth it, and I hope that the Seahawks will get a shot at overpaying for Williams.