Cortland Finnegan signs with St. Louis Rams

When Jeff Fisher became the head coach of the St. Louis Rams I knew it spelled bad things for the Seahawks. Cortland Finnegan has followed his old Tennessee Titans coach to St. Louis, where he’ll improve one of the league’s worst defenses. I’m not sure if Finnegan is a good value at the five years, $50 million he received, but I definitely know that the Rams are better today than they were yesterday.

Another element of this signing that effects the Seahawks, apart from the top free agent corner joining their division rival, is that it may take them out of the running for one of the top cornerbacks in the draft. If Morris Claiborne falls to the Rams, they may be able to trade out of the pick, after already pulling in a huge haul for the second pick. If a team was still considering Dre Kirkpatrick that high after his arrest for possession of marijuana (and subsequent dropping of those charges) there is one less suitor on the market, in all likelihood. If that team is the Seahawks at No. 12, then this helps them get a guy like Kirkpatrick, but does so while making the Rams better. Not unlike how taking Washington out of the quarterback sweepstakes by trading them RG3, basically, could make the Seahawks better while improving the Rams to an even larger degree.

That team probably isn’t the Seahawks, though.

But it isn’t like Finnegan was a guy who would logically be on the Seahawks radar. The team has a good, young, inexpensive secondary, so breaking the bank for Finnegan wouldn’t make much sense. It’s also hard to believe that the Rams wouldn’t have been better off spending the money they spent on Finnegan on a guy like Vincent Jackson.