Chad Henne to Visit Seahawks

YAY! Chad Henne! All the Seahawks quarterback problems are solved! I feel like this belongs on the first half of a “this is your brain on drugs” commercial. The Seahawks are bringing Henne for a visit, they haven’t signed him. He’s a guy who got hurt last year, missing all but four games, after separating his non-throwing shoulder. Last year was kind of tough for Henne even before he got hurt, but the two prior seasons as the Dolphins most-frequent starter Henne completed more than 60 percent of his passes in each season.

While Henne may not be a  name that engenders the passion of an entire fanbase. In fact, it seems like the general reaction to this point has been just to hate Henne blindly for existing. But Henne’s not that bad. He’s functioned in a West Coast offense. He’s got a strong arm that is accurate enough to play in the NFL. And while he’s no threat to run the ball, he’s got good enough feet to play in the NFL.

And Henne is only 26 years old, and will be playing his age 27 season in 2012. In Henne’s four seasons he’s completed 60.7 percent of his passes in almost 300 more attempts than Matt Hasselbeck had after his fourth season. Hasselbeck completed only 59.3 percent of his passes in that time. Henne probably has limited upside, but he’s young and talented enough that he may have some upside left, and as such the Seahawks may have some supplemental value to the Seahawks down the road. It hasn’t worked out with Charlie Whitehurst or Tarvaris Jackson, though.

Even if the Seahawks draft a quarterback early, they’ll need a guy to back him up that can potentially win a few games in the event that said quarterback gets hurt. Henne has that ability. So while he’s not Matt Flynn, and he’s not Peyton Manning, he could have value to the team, and they shouldn’t be sitting on their hands hoping one of the aforementioned choose to come to Seattle.