Randy Moss Signs with 49ers

What a week. Not only does it seem like the Seahawks have lost out on Peyton Manning before they even got a chance to win him over, one of the best receivers in the history of the NFL has joined the Seahawks toughest competitive. Randy Moss has agreed to a deal with the San Francisco 49ers.

Sure, at the time I write this the 49ers don’t officially have a quarterback in place, but last year Jim Harbaugh made now-free-agent Alex Smith look good. The same small-handed Alex Smith that was en route to becoming one of the biggest busts in the history of the NFL. The 49ers already have Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis, and adding another threat may make the need to overwork Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter a thing of the past.

That all assumes that Randy Moss still has something left. He’s had attitude and effort issues throughout his career, and while he’s certainly got some skills, he’s not a guy who is such a technician that he’ll be able to succeed with diminished athletic ability. There were reports he still had such athletic ability when he worked out for the Saints. There were also reports he didnt. Either way, Randy Moss is a 49er, and he could be a great addition to an already good team.