Peyton Manning not Interested in Coming to Seattle?

So the top free agent of an offseason has been pegged by some as a guy that the Seattle’s team of that player’s league has a great chance of acquiring, based almost solely on the fact that the team has one of the biggest needs at that position, and that player isn’t interested in coming to Seattle. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

It’s pretty hard not to compare the Seahawks pursuit of Peyton Manning to the Mariners pursuit of Prince Fielder. The Mariners had a lower top price, though, which may have nothing to do with their actual interest in Fielder, but more to do with their budgetary constraints. And perhaps Fielder was actually more interested in coming to Seattle than Manning is, as Manning seems to have refused a visit with the Seahawks.

Perhaps though, the Seahawks have more options than the Mariners did if their Plan A doesn’t pan out. Right now there is some speculation that Manning may land in Arizona. If he does that, the Seahawks may be able to buy low on Kevin Kolb, who figures to be released if Manning is signed. Even if he signs in Tennessee, Houston, Baltimore, or Miami there is some potential quarterback fallout that may benefit the Seahawks. I’ll further analyze the potential positive outcomes for the Seahawks this week, but for now I’ll point out the addition of the link to the “Peyton Manning” tag in the horizontal menu, where you can read anything ever written about Manning on this site.