Lofa Tatupu Signs with the Falcons

Former Seahawks Pro Bowl middle linebacker Lofa Tatupu has signed with the Atlanta Falcons. After missing the entire season 2011 season after the Seahawks released him, it seemed like Lofa’s career may be over. Lofa was one of my personal favorite players, and while I recognized his reduced value the past couple seasons, it was tough to see him go.

Oddly, the Seahawks and Falcons may end up swapping middle linebackers, albeit a year removed from Tatupu’s release, as Curtis Lofton is a free agent, and figures to exit Atlanta. The Seahawks are going to be in the market to replace two of their linebackers: Leroy Hill and David Hawthorne, if either or both leave in free agency.

I used to work on a college radio station, and when news of Lofa’s DUI came about I was on the air, and dedicated the song “Drinking for 11” by Mad Caddies and dedicated it to Lofa Tatupu. That was a raw deal for you Lofa. My bad. Good luck in Atlanta.