Rams Trade No. 2 Pick to Redskins for Gigantic Return

Today I was thinking about a handful of things that I may write in the future. I tabled those thoughts at one point, and picked them up again as I waited for the elevator to take me down to the first floor of the apartment building I live in, because my girlfriend had volunteered me to take out the trash. I was thinking about my ideal scenario for the Seahawks quarterback situation, and how it may actually take form. At the time it would have been absolutely ideal for the Redskins to sign Peyton Manning, the Dolphins to sign Matt Flynn, and then the Seahawks would be in good position to draft my mancrush Ryan Tannehill at No. 12, or perhaps even trade down and still get the chance to draft him.

That’s not going to happen any more, but it may increase the chances of Tannehill becoming a Seahawk. On my way down the elevator I read that the Rams have traded their second-overall pick to the Redskins for the Redskins sixth overall selection, the next two Redskins first round picks, and at least one more pick, which is believed to be a second round pick. So the news is of mixed quality. Tannehill becomes more attainable as one quarterback-seeking team has their quarterback issues answered, as the Redskins and Mike Shanahan seem enamored with Robert Griffin III. But the Rams gain two first round draft picks, some salary relief on their pick this year, and maybe another high pick. Justin Blackmon may be available at six. A good left tackle will probably be available at six. And if it is Blackmon or a guy like Jonathan Martin, the value for that pick is much better at six than at two. And two more first rounders. Two more. Dammit.

This is bad news for the Seahawks. Or a net loss anyways. I like Ryan Tannehill a lot, and if John Schneider and Pete Carroll like him too, the chances of them drafting him got better today. The chances that the cellar dweller of the division gets significantly better as a result of this trade is also much higher as a result of this trade.

To the Rams the second pick had basically no less value than the sixth. The only player they would have even considered drafting there is Matt Kalil, I predict, and now they have the opportunity to draft a player who may fit a more immediate need. Sam Bradford needs guys to throw to. If you’re a Seahawks fan, you’re rooting for him to not find those guys. He needs guys to protect him. Again.

What we’ve found out in the past couple days, as Seahawks fans, is that maybe Peyton Manning doesn’t want to come to Seattle, and that a whole bunch of teams want him. It’s a unique situation. He’s one of the best passers ever, and a perfect shit storm had to occur for him to get injured on a team reaching the close of their championship window, all while the perfect quarterback, even more perfect than Manning was several years ago, waits  in the draft.

But what we didn’t learn today is that Dan Snyder is more than willing to overpay for great talents. We already knew that shit. It’s a good thing RG3 is fast, because the Redskins won’t have first rounders to spend on offensive linemen or receivers to help his case.

So in some goofy roundabout way the Seahawks may have gotten better today, but the Rams may have gotten better-er. And the Redskins are still stupid.