Adam Moore Hurt, Again

Adam Moore has a broken wrist. For the second time in two years the one-time top prospect will miss significant time with an injury. Last year he tore his meniscus, which is a bad injury for anyone, but knees are a critical body part for catchers. But a wrist, that’s a critical body part for every baseball player. We’ve seen wrist injuries sap power from several players, making good players below-average, and below-average players insurance salesmen.

Adam Moore is still young, and he is said to have power to spare. He’s not that young though. At 27 years old, and in his age 28 season, Moore is running out of time to “figure it out.” A decent bat and decent defense is good enough to keep him kicking around the minors for a long time. Ask Pat Borders. Moore is in dangerous territory that gets players called “Quad A.” If Moore is a Quad A, and willing to remain in the Mariners organization, he’s a valuable insurance policy, as he can already be adequate minor league depth. If he has higher aspirations, which god I hope he does, then this may make the beginning of his departure from the Mariners, who have drafted several young catchers and brought in John Jaso to be Miguel Olivo’s backup this offseason, and Jesus Montero to help bench coach Robby Thompson practice writing the letter “C” before moving on to the letters “D” and “H.”

I’ve never understood the big deal with Moore as a prospect. That said, I hope Moore makes a quick recovery. I think that he’s next in line to be the Mariners backup catcher, and considering the potential of a Miguel Olivo trade or release, we may not have seen the last of Moore.



    What a shame for Adam Moore to get hurt again. Poor guy can never catch a break.

  • Anonymous

    I think could still end up as an MLB catcher.  He’s looked okay the past two springs.  If he can get healthy and stay that way he could be decent, possibly.