Seahawks Release Marcus Trufant

Lost in the shuffle of the Peyton Manning news, is the release of Marcus Trufant, one of the best cornerbacks in the history of the Seattle Seahawks. Trufant grew up in Tacoma, and despite being a former-Coug, was a fan favorite in Seattle.

Trufant was one of the key contributors to the 2005 team that appeared in the Super Bowl, and was a steady hand in a secondary that has seen a lot of turnover in the past few seasons. Trufant played only four games this past season before going on injured reserve with a season-ending back injury, and if that wasn’t enough to secure his release, the emergence of Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman probably sealed Trufant’s fate.

This may not be the end for Trufant, who may be able to catch on elsewhere, but either way thanks Marcus, you were a great football player, despite being a Coug, and while I’m glad your brother had the good sense to go to Washington, I’m still sad to see your career with the Seahawks come to an end.