Peyton Manning to be Released by Colts

Anybody still holding out hope that the Colts would keep Peyton Manning and entertain trades for the top pick and/or Andrew Luck, or that Luck would sit behind Manning for a year can give up on those thoughts and dreams now. Manning will be released by the team he turned into a contender, and played on for 14 years.

Of course, Manning missed all of 2011 with a neck injury. A man who is supposed to be Manning was recorded throwing last week, and appeared to have some of his old arm strength back. That’s promising for people who would like to see Manning in their team’s colors. Manning and Matt Flynn will likely dictate where quarterbacks go this offseason, as Miami and Seattle may figure to be in on both, but may also be interested in a quarterback in the draft.

Manning will go down as one of the all-time greats. I think a very good argument could be made that Manning is the most gifted quarterback in the history of the NFL. Nobody has been said to study film like Manning, nobody has run an offense the way Manning does, and very few have produced like Manning has.

Injuries notwithstanding, I think Manning is a bad fit for the Seahawks, but that doesn’t mean the team won’t have interest in him. Now that Matt Flynn didn’t get franchised I think that he becomes a much more palatable candidate for the Seahawks because they won’t have to give up trade compensation. Here is a look at all kinds of potential Quarterback Candidates for the Seahawks this offseason.