Red Bryant Doesn’t Get Franchised

It looks like the second-best Seahawks free agent will get to test free agency, as the team has elected against franchising the defensive end. Bryant is coming off of the best season of his career, but his production hasn’t been very impressive statistically, and he has a very limited pool of teams that will be interested in the skill set Bryant offers. I predicted in January that Bryant would receive four-years, $20 million in his next contract. Bryant would have received $10.6 million were he to have signed a franchise tender.

Bryant’s best fit may be as a defensive end on a 3-4 team, where his undervalued athleticism will still be useful, and where his deficiencies may be best hidden. If the Seahawks look to replace Bryant in free agency look for 3-4 ends who will likely play two downs for the Seahawks much like Bryant did. For example, keep your eyes peeled for an Adam Carriker sighting.