Franklin Gutierrez Will Miss at Least Four Weeks

Franklin Gutierrez has a partial tear of his pectoral muscle, and is going to miss at least the next four weeks. Since the news of an injury to Gutierrez broke a couple days ago there has been wide speculation over how this would effect the Mariners personnel decisions as spring training coasts toward actual competition.

In some strange way the injury to Franklin Gutierrez solves a personnel problem for the Mariners. They were going to have to decide on at least one of Casper Wells, Trayvon Robinson, Michael Saunders, and Darren Ford to be the team’s fourth outfielder. Now they’ll probably take two into the season, and may be able to work some natural platoon and really get to see how some of the young guys do at the plate. But only Ford is a true center fielder defensively, and none of them offers the kind of potential defense-offense combination that a healthy Gutierrez does.

So while one could say that having too many good-enough prospects and cheap players for one position is a good problem to have, this is just about the worst way to solve that problem. This is like opening a tough pickle jar with a grenade.

  • Anonymous

    Hate to lose Guti but glad that we get to see more of Saunders and Wells.  I think one, if not both, might turn into major league players.  Saunders being more of long shot but with more upside potential.  The grenade/pickle mental imagery was interesting.  (Dill pickles are maybe the most missed American food item for Ex-Pats living in England, they don’t have them here.)

    • Casey McLain

      I agree. Saunders has some potential left. 

      Now on to the pickles, do they have cucumbers? My dad makes homemade pickles and if you can get dill and cucumbers I think you can figure out the rest.