Leroy Hill Loves to Get High, and Then Arrested, in Atlanta

Leroy Hill has a Yankees hat and a Brian Bosworth shirt on. He'd have to be high to pick that out, and weed may be the only thing left connecting him with Seattle residents.

For the second time in three years Leroy Hill has seen his prospects in free agency go up in smoke (LMFAO HAHAHA GET IT!). Hill was caught with weed in his Atlanta condominium and he and his girlfriend were arrested.

On the way home from work today I heard a lot of talk on the local sports radio stations about how Hill should move to Seattle, where weed is more accepted. That may be a good idea. I’ve been to Atlanta. It’s a nice city. I didn’t smoke weed there, nor do I smoke weed here. I can only hope, though, that Hill was listening to this song by almost unquestionably (in my not-humble opinion) the best rap group from Georgia. (Oh high school, I miss you)

But damn Leroy, how stupid can you be?

In 2009 Hill was arrested when he was found asleep behind the wheel of his car in the middle of an intersection, again, in possession of marijuana. In his defense, one of the known side effects of marijuana is memory loss, so maybe he forgot about his 2009 arrest. Back then Hill was expected to be one of the most coveted linebackers in free agency and ended up returning to Seattle on a contract with no signing bonus. He made $5 million in 2009, but agreed to a reduced salary in 2010, down to around $2.1 million. The Seahawks cut Hill after the 2010 season and he ended up returning on a deal worth less than $700K. Chances are, if Hill hadn’t fallen asleep at the wheel (literally) his contract would have included provisions that made him hard to cut after only two seasons.

So by being an idiot in 2009, one could argue that Hill cost himself at least $7.7 million, if only using the rudimentary method of subtracting his total salary from the annual salaries signed in his extension.

And that’s the real rub if you’re a Seahawks fan. I don’t smoke marijuana, but I think it should be legal. I think that we spend too much money trying to stop people from enjoying a simple vice. And I think that the comparisons between weed and beer, at least morally, are plenty valid, and daddy loves his beer. (I’m salivating). But this isn’t a political issue. Hill plays in a league where weed isn’t allowed, and lives in a state and country where weed is illegal. He continues to smoke weed. He values his livelihood, a livelihood that we as fans provide, and one that we have a vested interest in as fans, less than getting high.

Hill has now made the same mistake, twice, and the last time it was pretty expensive. There may not be enough of a deterrent in the world to separate Hill and his herbal hobby.

That said, for the second straight incident it’s probable that Hill’s actions will actually benefit the Seahawks because he’ll have very few suitors, and may be forced to return to Seattle on yet another team-friendly contract. He’s got enough talent to play a role on this team, even if that role is only situational, or comes after a presumed four-game suspension.

He may not be the brightest-burning lighter in the headshop, but he may suddenly present an opportunity for the Seahawks to fill a role for a low cost.