Huskies at the Combine: Day Three

Alameda Ta’amu measured in a 6-3, 348 lbs, with 32 inch arms. His height and weight are near-ideal for a 3-4 Nose Tackle, but his arm length may hurt his stock a bit. Depending on how many 3-4 teams are looking for a nose tackle, Ta’amu may get drafted pretty high.

Senio Kelemete benched 225 lbs 21 times, which isn’t very impressive for a guy with about average-length arms. Noted for his athleticism, Kelemete ran a 5.52 40 yard dash. Obviously not many linemen make a living running 40 yards down field, but Kelemete’s first 10 yards, the most important yards, especially for a guy who is a zone-blocking prospect, were pretty awful. He ran those first 10 yards in 1.95 seconds. That was the worst among any lineman who had their 10 yard split measured. Granted, offensive linemen generally don’t have a ton of experience in short-distance track-style running, but if a team is looking to Kelemete for an athletic lineman, he didn’t help himself today.

All weights, times, and measurements from Walter Football