Huskies at the Combine: Day One

So today is basically just weigh-ins and formalities. Nothing super exciting. We will definitely have weeks and weeks to pine over guys who we develop crushes on during the combine, but for the purposes of this website it is at least equally important to know how Huskies have performed at the combine. The Huskies had four players invited to the combine: Chris Polk, Alameda Ta’Amu, Senio Kelemete, and Jermaine Kearse.

3:08 PM: Senio Kelemete has measured in at 6-4, 307 lbs, and has 33 1/2 inch arms. Kelemete is expected to move to guard in the NFL, and probably fits best with a team that doesn’t need a power blocking guard, and one who can make blocks on the second level. Nothing today changes that, as Kelemete may have arms too short to be a good left tackle, and probably isn’t big enough to play right tackle. Kelemete is a useful guy who can play at least three positions on the line, and is likely to be drafted in the mid-late rounds.